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Additional Alternative Services

Intuitive Tarot Readings
As a tool for self development, an intuitive reading can provide insight into one's very Being.  At each reading the energy of the individual is brought into focus.  The individual's own inherent wisdom is allowed to flourish through the recognition of patterns, images, and sensations. 
What emerges is the clarity and understanding of the path that the Self is on. When needed, the Self gains the impetus to change directions, to grow, and even to evolve. 

Authentic Person-Centered Performance Art Mentoring
It has been said that there is an innate healing power which emerges during the creative process.  It can be used to facilitate personal growth.  It encourages self-expression.  It can aid in the achievement of self-knowledge.  It fosters self-advocacy skills and a sense of empowerment.  It can also promote holistic well-being.
Authentic Person-Centered Performance Art Therapies focuses on the artist's creative process.  Borrowing elements from a number of different artistic mediums, this multidisciplinary art form is a "live art".  It emphasizes the body's role in the artistic production. Nevertheless, it encourages the expression of feelings or emotions that require release.  It regards the artist's creative act as equal to that of the artwork produced.  Thus, acceptance is the primary expectation when the artist's vital roles meld. To that end, patience is encouraged; while support of each other is the priority.  It is the intentional use of these techniques that will clear the pathway to self-discovery and healing.

The Ancient Art of Belly Dancing
What is belly dancing exactly? Well, belly dancing is a form of dance, of course. It is actually considered to be one of the oldest known dance forms.  Its roots are planted in the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and Northeastern Africa. 
However, belly dancing is so much more!  It is a form of expression.  It encompasses a world of emotion.  It can be a celebration of heritage.  It may also be viewed as a form of exercise. 
 What it does is remarkable! It provides stress relief.  It creates a nurturing and supportive environment where camaraderie flourishes.  It builds self confidence as well as promoting body confidence. It's been said to help with child birth, as well as menopause. 
Belly Dancing is personal.  Certainly, it is unique.  Above all else, it is essentially spiritual movement!

Photo courtesy of Olga Dmitrieva