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Holistic Psychotherapy
Holistic Psychotherapy seeks to increase an individual's sense of holistic well being.  It is not a traditional therapeutic nor medical treatment for the improvement of mental illness.  Nor should it take the place of traditional treatment for those disorders.There is no diagnosis nor treatment of disease for the individual in this type of treatment.  The therapist is merely a facilitator or helper to the client's own self actualized, self-development. 

Body, mind, and spirit are recognized as being integral to the individual's concept of self.  The whole spectrum of human development is integrated in this technique.  It allows the client's whole self to emerge during sessions.  The client is free to examine all aspects of his or her life.  Conclusions are drawn and practices are put in place based on what the client agrees to be important or germane to his or her holistic well being.   

Hypnotherapy is a healing method that employs the use of hypnosis.  Through the use of this technique the client is guided by the therapist to place himself or herself in an altered state of consciousness.  Though the client is always in control, this allows the client to place his or her mind into a peaceful and restful state. 

While in this peaceful and restful state, the client can access the powerful subconscious mind.  Each client can then utilize the subconscious to search for the answers he or she may be seeking.  It can also provide the client with the opportunity to incorporate powerful new thoughts and ideas that facilitate change. 

Hypnotherapy can be a very powerful tool.  It can assist in a number of areas, whether that be to enhance creativity, provide personal enrichment, or that very basic, but often elusive, search for the connectedness and beauty in all life.

Biofeedback is one of a variety of tools an individual can learn to use in order to improve his or her body, mind, and spirit.  Through the use of a number of different types of machines, an individual can learn to increase the ability to control certain functions of his or her own body that were at one time thought to be completely involuntary. 

Biofeedback works by monitoring certain physical responses that a body may display.  An individual can in turn be taught to recognize these physical responses as signals from the body.  When these signals are seen, the individual In conjunction with other learned techniques, biofeedback can prove to be very effective.
Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is another technique that utilizes hypnosis.  In actuality it is a journey through the use of meditation; wherein the client discovers or rediscovers his or her past lives.  The hypnotherapist in this instance is merely the facilitator or supporter for this experience.  It is completely in the control of the client as to what he or she experiences. 

Many clients seek to gain more insight into their present experiences by looking back into their past.  It can be a very vivid and realistic experience for many.  Any combination of memory, imagination, or spiritual awakening may be experienced.  It is not necessary to completely experience a past life in each session for healing or personal growth to occur.  It can still provide insight, increased awareness, and a deeper understanding of the nature of Self.