The Alternative Therapists Partnership - Providing Alternative, Expressive, and Creative Arts Therapies
Services Offered

                                  Kansa Wand Treatments
The ancient healing system from India, known as Ayurveda, has furnished us with the wonderful bronze-capped Kansa (pronounced 'cunsa') wand for face and/or foot treatments.  Known as the "Healing Metal", the Kansa wand's bronze cap is produced from an amalgam of pure tin and copper. Applied to the face and/or foot with organic oils, it provides a   number of benefits. It can restore levels of Prana (Energy). The gentle friction applied to facial muscles and/or feet provide stress-reducing stimulation to  one's subtle energy field. The natural, gentle face-lifting technique leaves behind an amazingly vibrant, youthful glow. Used on the feet, it leaves one relaxed, yet energized, by relieving daily tensions.

                            Body-Centered Reiki Treatments
Reiki is a hands on energy balancing system which uses the practitioner as a conduit.  The word Reiki in Japanese, translates to mean "universal life force energy" or "transcendental energy".  Without it, no living creature could exist. It is generated by us, the world, and the universe around us.

This universal energy is channeled through the practitioner to the client with a series of gentle hand placements on the body.  Trained in the Traditional Usui Reiki Method, our practitioners provide an indepth, body-centered energy healing experience.  These body-centered Reiki treatments work to harmonize and bring into balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self.

Holistic Animal Reiki Treatments*
Our animal companions mean the world to us. They are part of our family. Their ability to guide, protect, and rescue has been recorded throughout history. Their healing impact on our lives is only now just being discovered. In turn, our responsibility is to protect them, while keeping them happy and healthy.  

Reiki for animals is the perfect way to do just this. It compliments the care we give our animal friends. The energy and life force that is around us everywhere in the universe, is here to be shared.
Through Reiki, our animal companions can share in 
the wonderful healing power of touch. Our Reiki 
practitioners offer their services to this end.

Reiki for the World of Sports
Whether you are a Professional Athlete, play Semi-Pro sports, or just enjoy sports and exercise as a physically active individual, injuries can be common occurrences.  At times, exhaustion may set in.  One's mental concentration may even falter.  Reiki for Sports is the natural way to address these issues.
It is a complimentary service that will all at once energize; while still promote deep relaxation. It reduces stress both on the body and of the mind.  It will provide relief from pain and create a more complete recovery.  Being natural, it will not interfere with any other workout, exercise, training regimen, or therapy.

Reiki's powerful energy generates heat during treatments which restores balance to the body's energy system.  This restoration of balance initiates the body's self-healing capability.  Reiki will address the whole being-body, mind, and spirit.  
Some areas of our bodies are more sensitive than others.  Some of the most sensitive are found to be our hands, face, fingertips, and feet.  This is because they have more nerve endings present there.  For example, it is said that our feet alone have 7,000 nerve endings.  While our fingertips have some of the densest areas of nerve endings.

Reflexology is the physical act of applying pressure to the feet, hands, or ears.  It can be a deeply relaxing and therapeutic experience.  It relaxes muscles.  It can improve flexibility and range of motion.  

It relieves stress and also encourages relaxation.  Clients often report a complete feeling of relaxation throughout their whole body.  They claim all feelings of stress and anxiety seem to melt away.   

*We do not provide veterinary services.  No veterinary issues can be diagnosed; nor veterinary advice be given.  Prescription drugs nor surgery can be provided.  Reiki is not meant to be used in place of veterinary care.  It is a complimentary service.  If you have a pet that is ill or injured, you must contact your local veterinary office immediately.

**It is important to note that reflexology does not negate the pathogenic theory of disease.  Nor does it condemn hygienic practices and medications when necessary.  Reflexology instead, should be viewed as a complementary practice.  It does not take the place of medical advice and/or treatment.