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Services Offered

Holistic Professional Coaching
All individuals have goals and aspirations.  These goals and aspirations are particular to each one of us.  They are based on our unique perspective of the world around us and our place in that world.  Often a review of our goals is necessary in order to see if we are achieving them while on the path that we have set for ourselves.  
Over time we sometimes may determine  that our objectives or interests have possibly shifted or changed.  We may even discover that our original goals are no longer relevant or that we may not have had appropriate goals for ourselves all the while.  We find that we need to reassess our goals in order to gain fulfillment and success.  Sometimes an individual may discover that he or she has to begin setting goals, where none had been before.    

Holistic Professional Coaching empowers the client by awakening the knowledge that he or she is equipped with the proper tools to draw a road map to change.  It assists the client in attaining those goals that are specific to that client's unique life.  It reinforces the client's ability to listen to his or her inner voice.

An individual may seek to address personal goals, career goals, health goals, creative goals, or spiritual goals.  They may look to set specific financial goals, educational goals, artistic goals, or even dating goals.  They may need assistance in putting in place conflict resolution goals or empowerment goals.  They may, at times, need to reaffirm certain goals that have long been in place.  Holistic Professional Coaching assists the client in transporting himself or herself from where they are; to where they want to be.

Life-Journey Coaching
All individuals have unique strengths, specific talents, personal goals, and private ambitions.  Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of these gifts which they possess.  Therefore, uncovering them may, at times, seem a daunting task. 

For some, clarity and forward movement, the keys needed to unlock the door to these gifts, often seems to elude them.  For others, the ability to effect positive change in their lives, critical to living the life one is meant to live, seems too impossible a task to overcome. However, it is exactly through unlocking these gifts that we bring meaning and purpose to our lives.  It is the task of the Life-Journey Coach to facilitate a self-directed journey toward the discovery and implementation of these varied gifts.       

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Photo Courtesy of Blaine BowersPositive Psychology Coaching
The way to approach the pursuit of well-being should be inherent in everyone.  However, this is not always the case.  Far too often individuals, and society as a whole, tend to notice and then focus on the negative.  Shortcomings and deficits are searched for and quickly pointed out. 

Once discovered,  the emphasis is then placed on alleviating or "correcting" those shortcomings and deficits. Thus, we find that all our energy is expended on these endeavors.  Very little, or no time at all, is spent on developing and promoting human strengths and potential.  

Positive Psychology Coaching however, emphasizes the virtues and strengths which enable both the individual and society to thrive.  It provides the individual with the correct tools to proceed effectively down this positive path.Through understanding and then applying, positive, adaptive, creative, and emotionally fulfilling aspects of human behavior; optimal functioning emerges.  Optimal functioning in turn, brings about authentic happiness.  The benefits of this authentic happiness have proved significant.  They effectively bring about first, the realization of, and then, the actualization of goals when on the path to greater well-being.

Addiction Recovery Coaching

Recovery of any kind is a life-long journey toward well-being.  It requires both a long-term commitment and the understanding that personal responsibility is crucial.  In other words, one's behavior is pivotal to success.

Therefore, imperative to sobriety, are lifestyle changes. Gaining new life skills and incorporating those skills into a new vision for one's future must be paramount.  Developing effective strategies to maintain sobriety must also be involved. In addition, current strengths are utilized in order to reach future goals.

Although addiction recovery is self-directed, it is guided by the Recovery Coach who supports this positive change. The Recovery Coach can address all stages of the addiction recovery process.  Together, with the Recovery Coach, the client can envision and then map out effective avenues for sobriety.
Creative and Expressive Arts Mentoring
Every act is an act of creation.  If we start with this premise, what follows logically  is that all individuals have creative potential. It may however, only manifest itself in some individuals.  Therefore, that capability of creative thought and originality, that is present in all of us, often must be cultivated in order to blossom. 

Some individuals may feel they need assistance with bringing their "inward" work to the surface.  Others may find they need assistance in discovering a creative outlet altogether.  Still, others may want to explore different creative expressions.  Finally, there are those individuals who find the very process of artistic creativity to be cathartic. 
Creative and Expressive Arts Mentoring provides the client with the ability to harness his or her creativity.  That harnessing of creativity is allowed to unfold in a safe and non-judgmental way.  Whether the medium is literary, performing, or arts and design; the client is guided through the process of learning to think broadly and to problem solve. The client can discover who he or she most deeply is and what his or her life is trying to become.  Thus, as the client works through this creative process; he or she can achieve his or her goals both in art and by extension in life.