The Alternative Therapists Partnership - Providing Alternative, Expressive, and Creative Arts Therapies
Our Services
We at The Alternative Therapists Partnership believe the traditional paradigm is failing our world.  We have limited ourselves by following this model.  Here we have sought to recognize the interconnected-ness of all things.  

We truly believe we are the sum of all our parts; within ourselves and intermingled with the world around us.  We work within the framework of wholeness.  Our approach to healing strives to balance the emotional, physical, rational, social, and spiritual aspects of the Self.  To we offer a number of different healing modalities.

*We come to you!  Many services may be performed at the client's home.  Check with the practitioner for which services are available this way.

*All our services are provided on a sliding-scale basis.    
*All services are completely confidential.

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