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Holistic Professional Coaching

All individuals have goals and aspirations. These goals and aspirations are particular to each one of us. They are based on our unique perspective of the world around us and our place in that world. Often a review of our goals is necessary in order to see if we are achieving them while on the path that we have set for ourselves.

Over time we sometimes may determine that our objectives or interests have possibly shifted or changed. We may even discover that our original goals are no longer relevant or that we may not have had appropriate goals for ourselves all the while. We find that we need to reassess our goals in order to gain fulfillment and success. Sometimes an individual may discover that he or she has to begin setting goals, where none had been before.

Holistic Professional Coaching empowers the client by awakening the knowledge that he or she is equipped with the proper tools to draw a road map to change. It assists the client in attaining those goals that are specific to that client's unique life. It reinforces the client's ability to listen to his or her inner voice.

An individual may seek to address personal goals, career goals, health goals, creative goals, or spiritual goals. They may look to set specific financial goals, educational goals, artistic goals, or even dating goals. 

They may need assistance in putting in place conflict resolution goals or empowerment goals. They may, at times, need to reaffirm certain goals that have long been in place. Holistic Professional Coaching assists the client in transporting himself or herself from where they are; to where they want to be.

                            Life-Journey Coaching

All individuals have unique strengths, specific talents, personal goals, and private ambitions. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of these gifts which they possess. Therefore, uncovering them may, at times, seem a daunting task.

For some, clarity and forward movement, the keys needed to unlock the door to these gifts, often seems to elude them. For others, the ability to effect positive change in their lives, critical to living the life one is meant to live, seems too impossible a task to overcome. However, it is exactly through unlocking these gifts that we bring meaning and purpose to our lives. It is the task of the Life-Journey Coach to facilitate a self-directed journey toward the discovery and implementation of these varied gifts.

Positive Psychology Coaching

The way to approach the pursuit of well-being should be inherent in everyone. However, this is not always the case. Far too often individuals, and society as a whole, tend to notice and then focus on the negative. Shortcomings and deficits are searched for and quickly pointed out.

Once discovered, the emphasis is then placed on alleviating or "correcting" those shortcomings and deficits. Thus, we find that all our energy is expended on these endeavors. Very little, or no time at all, is spent on developing and promoting human strengths and potential.

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                                                                      Addiction Recovery Coaching

Recovery of any kind is a life-long journey toward well-being. It requires both a long-term commitment and the understanding that personal responsibility is crucial. In other words, one's behavior is pivotal to success.

Therefore, imperative to sobriety, are lifestyle changes. Gaining new life skills and incorporating those skills into a new vision for one's future must be paramount. Developing effective strategies to maintain sobriety must also be involved. In addition, current strengths are utilized in order to reach future goals.

Although addiction recovery is self-directed, it is guided by the Recovery Coach who supports this positive change. The Recovery Coach can address all stages of the addiction recovery process. Together, with the Recovery Coach, the client can envision and then map out effective avenues for sobriety.

Nutritional Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Coaching

The foundation for a lifetime of health and well-being is multi-dimensional.  These dimensions include the choices the individual makes that affect one's physical, mental, spiritual well-being and the medical care approaches utilized for one's health. It is achieved when an individual is in a state of complete harmony of body, mind, and spirit.  Most often this state can only occur when an individual makes lasting behavior changes across the various dimensions of their unique lives.

It is the Nutritional Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle Coach who utilizes a whole body approach. They offer guidance and inspiration  so the individual can develop a deeper understanding of the foods and lifestyle choices that work best for them.  They help the client discover ways to successfully implement those lasting healthy lifestyle changes which improve their energy, balance and health. 

Health is more than a body that’s free from disease. Rather, it is a daily practice and a life-long journey. Health is a relationship – with one’s self, others, and the world.  As  B.K.S. Iyengar stated, "When one is free from physical disabilities and mental distractions, the gates of the Soul open."

Mindfulness Training

We live in an extremely fast-paced World. One in which many of us are stressed and/or anxious about things or events which happened, about things or events which have not yet happened, or most frighteningly of course, about things or events which may never happen! Coupled with all this worry and stress, more and more of us find our minds are far too often removed from the current task/tasks at hand. What is one to do in these instances?

The answer lies in an individual's ability to shift his or her thoughts away from his/her usual preoccupations toward an appreciation of the moment and a larger perspective on life. Numerous studies have revealed that practicing mindfulness can bring improvements in both physical and psychological symptoms as well as positive changes in health, attitudes, and behaviors. Learning to accept all experiences and to really appreciate the moment without reacting with aversion and avoidance therefore, is the key.

Our instructors provide proven methods for practicing Mindfulness. We assist clients in discovering the appropriate methods for their own individual needs.

Relaxation Training

Lowering tension in both body and mind is absolutely essential.  It helps promote a state of increased calmness and tranquility in individuals.  A focused awareness does begin to develop. Levels of pain, anxiety, stress, depression and even anger are often reduced as a result.


Our Instructors provide the techniques and practices which can help boost levels of relaxation in our clients.  Individual instruction ensures that the uniqueness of each client and his/her circumstances are understood. This allows for the ability to truly rejuvenate body, mind and soul!  

*Many services may be perfor​med at the client's home.

Check with the individual practitioner for which services are available this way.

*All our services are provided on a sliding-scale basis.

*All services are completely confidential.

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