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Colors, shapes, and images can profoundly grab hold of one's Soul! They often stir deep emotions within us on a very visceral level. What speaks to one, may not necessarily speak to another. Nevertheless, they invoke in each of us the need to investigate and find answers for ourselves.

We may all initially embark on divergent paths when searching for these answers. Ultimately, though, all these different paths will converge upon the same location. This is the location of the Self.

The very nature of the Self seeks to be recognized, to express Itself, even to liberate Itself! SoulCollage® is the very thing to assist the Self in achieving this. SoulCollage® is a wonderful, self-expressive, creative process that anyone can do. Therefore, it is not necessary to be artistic nor creatively-oriented.

Originated by Seena B. Frost, M.Div., M.A.,it is a gift to the World that results in creations as unique as those individuals who partake of it. It provides a rich, one-of-a-kind experience that speaks uniquely to each one of us; but only if we listen. It gives birth to an intricately woven, non-verbal tapestry of each individual's Soul.

Using simple materials: images obtained from sources like magazines,books, calendars,etc., scissors, glue, and mat board; one creates a personal deck of cards through collage. Each of these cards is a visual journey of the different aspects of the Self, of the people, places, things, and events that hold meaning to only you. They provide an intimate journey which can promote personal growth, self-awareness, and self-acceptance. Here, the many pieces that define an individual's uniqueness are self-examined and then visually woven together into a beautiful whole.

Working with the language of symbols, images, and archetypes, SoulCollage® awakens the intuitive nature of the Self. As one makes and works with the cards, an awareness of one's inner and outer worlds will unfurl. Through journaling, visualizations, and other activities, an intimate, personal, self-knowledge will emerge. Personal self-reflection, through readings, becomes the strength on which one relies. Intuitively, one finds the answers to questions which will help the Self navigate more smoothly through its World.

*A special thank you must go out to all the wonderful artists and photographers whose images inspire and ignite our souls. They, and their art, make it possible for us to awake to our own intuition.

It must be understood that SoulCollage® cards are never sold, traded, bartered, nor copied (except when expressly used as a cardmaker's personal soul-tending record keeping system). Should SoulCollage® cards ever be displayed, it is with the sole purpose of demonstrating this wonderfully magical process and sharing personal journeys in the context of community.

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